Hamburger Eateries and Apple Tech

If someone plans to open up their own restaurant, then it is wise to choose a specific food type. For example, burgers are popular all over the world. Therefore they would appeal to a mass market.

In order to make a decent profit from a burger joint, the owner needs to utilise technology in a number of ways. The website mResell can offer people reasonably priced second-hand Apple tech. The site is perfect for restaurateurs looking for a refurbished MacBook Air. These devices are helpful for eatery bosses for a number of reasons.

Editing Images of the Burgers

These eateries usually print out pictures of the items on their menu. This allows the public to see what is on offer. The owner could use image editing software to make their burgers look as enticing as possible. Devices such as a refurbished MacBook air are ideal for this purpose. Once the image has been created, it can be posted onto the walls of the establishment.

Learning New Burger Recipes

When someone looks at a hamburger, they may assume that this dish has not changed much since its creation. However, hamburgers have a very rich history that is worth reading about. Furthermore, over the years, new recipes have evolved. Therefore, it is essential that chefs research popular alternatives on the internet. Then, the best options can be added to their menu. Apple devices with an internet connection may be utilised in this way.

Gaining a Social Media Presence

In order for a burger joint to attain a large customer base, it needs to be marketed appropriately. Most modern restaurants develop a social media presence so that the public know they exist. With a refurbished MacBook Air from mResell it is possible to acquire a very lucrative customer base.

Visualising Profits and Losses

The main goal of these businesses is to sell enough hamburgers to turn a decent profit. It is vital that these gains are higher than any losses. Spreadsheet programmes are available on Apple devices. They help to visually represent the financial performance of the restaurant. The boss can then make any necessary changes.

Wearing Sportswear to Burger Joints

Hamburger joints have become popular places for people to socialise. These establishments offer the seating of regular restaurants without long waiting times. Before hanging out at one of these places, it is essential to pick the right outfit. Sportswear is an excellent option because it is both stylish and comfortable. This can be purchased from aim’n. They have an extensive catalogue of high-quality clothing to choose from.

Being Fashionable

When meeting up at a burger joint with friends, everyone wants to look their best. For this reason, it is a good idea to visit the aim’n website and find a sportswear set that is most suitable. Some women will look better in paler colours, whereas others will prefer black. Both types are available to order.

Being Comfortable

Looking good is one thing, but burger restaurant visitors will also want an outfit that feels as comfortable as possible. It is vital that comfort is at the forefront of the buyer’s minds when choosing sportswear. Hamburger joints have fairly casual dress codes so customers will not look out of place wearing it.

Going On Dates

These venues also make the perfect location for dating. When meeting someone new for the first time, a good impression must be made. Often the clothes the person wears will be a significant factor. Sportswear from aim’n will make a woman look great by showing off her body shape. Hopefully, this will increase her confidence enough for a successful date to happen.

Making Burgers

This clothing style can even be worn by the staff members who make the burgers. It has already begun to be favoured by employees in several different industries. In fact, the prevalence of gym clothes in the workplace has increased significantly in recent years. The main reason for its appeal is the fact that it allows for free movement and breathability. A burger kitchen is a hot environment, so clothing designed to help people cool down will be very much appreciated by staff.

After Burger Workout

Burgers are unfortunately high-calorie meals. If a customer wears sports clothing to the restaurant, they could visit the gym immediately after to burn it off. This will save them having to change their clothes which will end up being very time efficient in the long term.

The Origin of the Hamburger

Hamburgers are almost daily delicacies for many households in the 21st century. Just like frankfurter and wiener, the name hamburger has its origin in Hamburg, Germany. It is, therefore, a demonym of the second-largest city in Germany.

As the years progressed, the name became more popular and finally took hold among many people, and most people could immediately recongnise a hamburger no matter where they went. Most people know it simply as a burger. However, various kinds of burgers are made from different meats, including chicken, salmon and buffalo meat. We even have vegan burgers which have won various awards.

American Hamburger Origin Theories

Although many people have become accustomed to burgers, its origin is not entirely clear. Hannah Glasse, the author of The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy, included the Hamburgh sausage to her 1758 recipes. She suggested it ought to be served roasted plus a toasted bread beneath it. In the 1860s, bread roll warm or rundstuck warm was another popular snack, quite similar to the burger that emigrants enjoyed as they headed to America. In the 1840s, the Hamburg America Line served the hamburg steak between two bread pieces. This might explain the origin of the name and maybe the food’s origin.

Rosa DeLauro, a Connecticut congresswoman, claims that the hamburger was invented in America in the 1900s. She ascribes the main contribution to Louis Lassen, a Danish immigrant who owned Louis’ Lunch, a New Haven dinner. More claims around its invention revolve around Fletcher Davis, Oscar Weber Bilby, Charlie Nagreen, Frank, and Charles Menches. According to White Castle, the famous American hamburger chains, more reliable traces of the origin are found in Germany, and Otto Kuase might be the actual name behind the invention.

The Growth of the Hamburger in the US

Louis Lassen’s invention was the first hamburger to be sold in the US in 1900. However, New York Magazine disputes this, claiming that the dish served then was not necessarily a hamburger, since the bread used was toasted. In 1885, Charlie Nagreen placed a meatball between two bread slices and sold them as snacks during the Seymour Fair. He is said to be the man who named the delicacy after the Hamburg steak.

Despite many claims and disputes regarding who invented the hamburger, its popularity started growing significantly around 1904. Fast-food chains and restaurants such as White Castle, Kewpee Hamburgers, Big Boy and Little Tavern played significant roles in making the dish popular between the early 1920s and 1930s.

McDonalds took over the popularity in the 1940s, and fast foods such as Burger King picked up the momentum ever since. Today, you will barely find any restaurant that does not sell a hamburger. When it comes to popularity, cheeseburgers are more popular compared to plain beef or chicken burgers.

Top Interesting Facts About Hamburgers

Although many people are quick to order a burger for lunch or a quick snack, very few know some interesting facts about it. The most obvious one is the name burger. Although people stripped the name from Hamburger, you will rarely find anyone calling it by its original name, derived from Hamburg steaks. These steaks were introduced to the US in the late 1890s by German immigrants. Here are other facts you should know:

  • 1. It took over 20 years for hamburgers to gain popularity in the US. St Louis’ World Fair, 1904 was the catalyst of the snack’s popularity which has grown tremendously across the globe ever since.
  • 2. According to Huffpost, at least 50 billion burgers are consumed every year in America alone. This is a number enough to circle the world at least 32 times if not more.
  • 3.The world’s biggest hamburger was built in 1982, which was large enough to feed 10,000 mouths. It weighed around 1791 kilograms.
  • 4. McDonald holds the record for selling over 300 billion burgers. The company is said to sell at least 75 pieces every second.
  • 5. The most expensive hamburger ever sold was the FleurBurger5000. It was a combination of Kobe beef, foie gras and black truffles. The Las Vegas branch of Fleur de Lys sold the burger at £4,233.
  • 6. Some Americans call hamburgers Liberty sandwich. The name came alive during the WWI among American soldiers who did not want to call them by their German name.
  • 7. You might love your burger, but apparently, it might be the most unhealthly snack you could have. The Quadruple Bypass Burger holds a Guinness World Record of being the world’s most caloric burger. It contains 9,983 calories.
  • 8. The grounded beef used to make a hamburger is not the sweetest beef you would go for if using it for something else. According to research done in 1995, 4 ounces of meat in the grounded piece used for a burger comes from at least 1000 different cows.
  • 9. There is a hamburger hall of fame in Seymour, Wisconsin which holds an annual Burger Fest day.
  • 10. May 28 is marked as the National Hamburger Day in America.

If you are a foodie and enjoy hamburgers, then the facts above will definitely come in handy the next time you are having a conversation about hamburgers.

History of Hamburgers and Hamburg

Although many people think of the burger’s popularity in the US every time one mentions the term hamburger, it was not until the 1900s that people in the US recognised it as a viable quick option. In the book Hamburger: A History by Andrew F. Smith, the ground beef partly originated from Hamburg, Germany.

According to Smith, Hamburg was famous for its high-quality beef in the 19th century. Many people would prepare it by chopping it, seasoning it, and then moulding it into patties. One could then fry or grill it. Carolyn Taratko, Max Planck Institute’s visiting researcher in Berlin, says that these frikadellen have been popular among the Germans since the 19th century.

German Meats and the Hamburger

The origin of the hamburger can also be traced back to rundstuck warm, a popular pork burn like bread. Some people call it the original burger which was mostly made from leftover roasted pork. Another name that might have inspired the history of hamburgers is the term ‘mett’. The name came from the German word, ‘miet,’ meaning fresh meat. In ancient Germany, Germans used to eat their meat raw in between bread with salt, pepper and onions, to spice it up.

Hamburg and Hamburger Origins

It wasn’t until the 19th century that this meat was fried or roasted. Hamburg has been a harbour city for long, and many people, including Americans, arrived and departed from Germany from this point. The Hamburg line was popular in the 1890s, for selling the Hamburg steaks to travellers. This inspired different travellers to try out the recipe in their local countries. It is, therefore, okay to state with a high degree of certainty that Hamburg was the inspiration point in the creation of the hamburger.

Facts on the First Hamburger Chain in the World

There is no doubt that McDonald’s has its reputation when it comes to successful fast-food chains. However, before there was McDonald’s, there was White Castle, which was the first-ever and now the oldest hamburger chain in America. It came up with the idea of numerous food chains across the country that many other food brands would use in years to come.

The History of White Castle

The joint was famous for its signature hamburgers. Walt A. Anderson and Edgar Waldo Billy Ingram were the super brains behind the opening of the White Castle in 1921. The first restaurant was in Kansas, which was created to change people’s perception of fast food hygiene, especially in meatpacking.

Growth of White Castle

After the success of the first store, the chain developed drastically in the Midwest with porcelain elements being their interior signature. Ingram and Anderson incorporated the chain in 1924 under the name, White Castle System of Eating Houses Corporation. Anderson invented the first-ever hamburger bun that was sold in all the chain’s restaurants assuring the same quality. This became the method adopted by the fast-food industry ever since.

Anderson later sold his shares to Ingram in 1933, who then moved the chain’s headquarters to Columbus, Ohio.

Top Cities with the Best Burgers

In 2019 alone, there were 194,395 franchises in the US. Different cities have different experiences when it comes to fast foods, particularly around burgers.

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City stands as the city with the best burgers, thanks to Tucker’s Onion Burgers. Garage pushes the city to the top as well, thanks to its creativity with their smashed-on-the-grill burgers and unique toppings.

South Carolina

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina also makes its mark on the list. The River City café will have one anticipating for more with their towers of beef, plus Texas toast and onion rings as big as doughnuts.


Orlando, Florida, has its praises when it comes to cities that have the best tasting burgers. From the James Beard Award-nominated pub burger, the Ravenous Pig to the Rusty Spoon, you will have different delights to choose from. Though you will not find many burger joints in Ocean City, Maryland, Kirby’s Red Onion Grill has one-of-a-kind burger. Their beach burgers with fresh crab dips are uniquely amazing.


Branson Missouri completes the top five list with classic recipes at Danna’s BBQ and Burger Shop. As you can see, the best burgers might not be the ones found in typical fast-food chains since people are getting more creative with their recipes.

Facts on Hamburger Obsession Across Various Cities

Although hamburgers have their origin in German, Americans and the rest of the world at large have turned them into a great obsession over the last few decades. Today, burgers are making headlines with discussions, such as the EU ban on veggie burgers, which you would have never thought possible a few decades ago.


When it comes to cities that are most obsessed with burgers, it would be a disgrace to start anywhere else, other than Berlin Germany, the snack’s country of origin. Since Berlin is the capital, you will not expect anything less than the best burger at many burger joints.


Athens in Greece is another city that raves about American culture and does it perfectly. With burger joints such as La Esquina Kolonaki, you will only need a dash of cocktail to complete the meal.

Serbia and Belgrade

Serbia’s national dish is the Serbian pita, made of the meaty and oniony patty, with cheese and garlic as part of the toppings. Belgrade has 24-hour kiosks, and you will not miss a fantastic burger on the menu.


The UK is not left behind, and Manchester would be the best place to try an excellent burger at almost any restaurant. The citizens in the city accompany burgers with all sorts of drinks, from shakes to beer and even vodka.

New York

Of course, New York could not miss in this list. The fast-moving culture of the city makes the perfect setting for a quick burger plus all the leading burger chains do not miss one or two representatives in the city.

Top 4 Reasons Why Hamburgers are So Popular

No matter how hard medical institutions cry about the health impact of fast foods, people will always go looking for their favourite burgers, and there are many reasons why.


First, it is like having everything you want in one bite. A hamburger comes in different shapes, sizes and ingredients. From buffalo burgers to chicken and even tuna, people have too much to choose from. One burger has a steak, some veggies, cheese and tomatoes. If you buy it at a great restaurant, you might get an extra side plate of fries.

An Easy to Carry Comfort Food

Burgers are like the friend that makes you happy after a bad day. They are the most sort-after comfort food besides from fries and chips. It is, therefore, hard to convince one to let go of their friend. Also, they are relatively easy to carry around. You will find people having a burger at home, in the car, in an auditorium and so forth.

Ease of Making

Finally, anyone can make a burger. You do not need to know much, just how to layer up the ingredients and you are good to go.